Wedding Day

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This got to be one the most exciting yet nerve wrecking time for both of you! So many things to consider – from venue to decorations to selecting your preferred Justice of Peace to guests invites. We understand that all these planning comes with a lot of personal preferences and also the kind of dream wedding you ever wanted.

“There are only 4 things that will last after your wedding day. Your significant other, your wedding bands, your memories and lastly, your photographs.”

Your photographs are the only one that will freeze those moments, immortalising the expressions, joy and all the painstakingly chosen decorations and outfits of your big day. Candid, unscripted moments bring out those real moments of your wedding day. Something that can never be replicated again once it has passed.

Our Memory Makers have over 10 years worth of wedding day photography experience. Specialising in photojournalism, crafting each moment with perfect lighting and framing, yet not intrusive into your flow of your wedding day. It is mandatory for our Memory Makers to have a private one-on-one session with both of you prior to your wedding day to go through the details, so that nothing is missed.

Contact us now to book an appointment with our Memory Makers on how to document your first biggest and most important event as a couple together.