“We feel extremely lucky that we engaged Patrick as our wedding photographer. His kindness, expertise and professional attitude relieved us before the big day and overwhelmed us with beautiful emotions and precious memories captured. His efficiency in time planning and sensitivity in recording moments are everything we can ask for from a reliable photographer. Surely his work is going to bring back endless joy and happiness for our entire family!! Thank you so so much Patrick!!!” – Joshua Bay

ZHS screengrab

“Choosing Love Crafted Co as our wedding videographer is one of our best decisions.

Patrick Poh is incredibly talented, creative and professional. He and his team was responsive and detail oriented during several planning sessions leading up to our big day. We were truly amazed to see the wedding video that so accurately captured the events of our wonderful event. It still baffles me how they shot our video and produced such an epic video in almost no time.

I would recommend Love Crafted Co fully without hesitation to anyone looking for an amazing wedding videographer!” – Zhuohua Xu


“My husband and I met Patrick at a wedding tradeshow where he had a small and unassuming booth, but his photography spoke volumes. We engaged him for the first time for our Engagement Photoshoot. We were very impressed by his works, and more importantly, enjoyed our experience with him, so we went on to engage him a second time for our Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. We would have engaged him for the Actual Day too, but he was unfortunately already taken on our wedding date when we asked (so be sure to put in a booking early!).

Patrick’s authentic personality and passion for life is what stood out for us, and it’s because of these traits of his that make him relatable and easy to work with. The awkwardness of being in front of the camera quickly melted away too with the effective prompts he provided to ease the both of us into the shoot.If you’re looking for some less mainstream venues for a shoot, Patrick’s also very good at seeking unique off-the-beaten path locations. For instance, my husband and I initially wanted to do it at Raffles Marina. Unbeknownst to us, we had to not only make an appointment but pay (some ridiculous amount) to shoot there. Instead of ending the day short, Patrick recommended we go to a nearby wheat field (in Singapore!), and the photos, quite honestly, turned out better than what we would have likely gotten at Raffles Marina.I could not recommend Patrick and his team at Love Crafted Co. enough!” – Felicia Chia


“I had the privilege to work with Patrick from Love Crafted Co to plan for my proposal abroad. Interacting with Patrick was an enjoyable process, he was always professional while at the same time friendly. It was never awkward sharing personal details with him and he even made the planning process a fun an enjoyable one. Most importantly, Patrick is able to understand my perspective, thoughts, and how I would like the proposal to be without any difficulty. He was able to make great recommendations on how to go about certain things and share some valuable insights with his vast experience in the media creation business.

I chose to do the proposal abroad, needless to say, it was quite a nerve wrecking process having to execute the surprise of a lifetime on foreign soil. Patrick flew over a day before us and scouted a beautiful location for the proposal to happen. He was dedicated and resourceful and was able to cover any blind spots where the plan may go wrong. Even when I forgotten some of his instructions during the proposal, he had the cameras set up adequately and was able to capture the moment. I will describe his presence during the trip to be that of a ninja, we were not able to notice him or his camera gear that will give away the surprise that something is about to happen. We also spent a day and a half having some casual photo shoots. Patrick was candid and skilful with his camera, always making sure that we are comfortable and natural in front of the lens.

After the proposal and photoshoot, Patrick was also prompt in delivering the edited media to us. The video and photos were great and surpassed our expectations. Patrick was able to capture the moment and viewing them truly transported us and even our families back to the special moment. With his attention to detail and friendly demeanor, I would say Patrick has grown to be my friend and not just a professional media creator providing his services. I cannot recommend Patrick enough, and anyone considering engaging Love Crafted Co should give it a go and you will not be disappointed.” – Wen Jie


“This review should have been done a long time ago but we were too caught up with all the preparations at that time. But I believe good things are meant to be shared!

I got to know Love Crafted through a good friend when I was planning my proposal. I’ve a rough plan but somehow the idea of “1) Japan Mt Fuji”, “2) Surprise”, “3) Videography + Photography”, “4) Flower” can’t seem to fall into place. You can have one element or another but not all, esp so since i’m not familiar with the area. It almost sound like an impossible plan.

I would expect any local photographer to forgo this assignment. Too much uncertainties and planning required. But upon hearing the idea, Love Crafted’s Patrick immediately say: “Come, Lets do it!” Frankly at that time, his passion and enthusiasm really made me see light at the end of the tunnel! 😀

We meet a few more times to go through the area maps, the transport arrangement, think of code words to communicate (in case we got caught!),etc. I suppose a photographer’s job is just to shoot. All these additional planning were above and beyond his pay cheque alr!

I was even more amazed when he suggested this:
1) He will specially make a trip from Tokyo to Mt Fuji the day before to recee the route and to find a good ‘spot’ (I specifically told him I want Mt Fuji as the backdrop, very demanding i know! HAHA)
2) He will help to buy flowers in Tokyo and pass to me discreetly
3) He will ‘lead’ us to the ‘spot’, I just need to follow him.

Now, that’s real impressive professionalism! He just went all out to make sure my then-gf gets a memorable proposal. (or maybe all out to help me get a ‘Yes’).

Of course, everything went smoothly and all were captured perfectly! 🙂 We were so satisfied that we also asked him to settle our AD. If we can rate 10 stars we will gladly do that! Thumbs up Patrick!” – Zhan Hong


“Amazing service, although I was only helping out for a friend and not the main star, I can sense the sincerity and the efforts put in by Patrick towards ensuring the event went through successfully. There were minor hiccups in the venue as it was all the way in Seoul but Patrick took things in his stride, arranged for the best angles with multiple last minute changes. He was also most responsive to questions and kept us,helpers, informed to the last detail. Kudos for the planning power and the responsiveness. The video came out w the leads looking good, male looks younger and female looks so ever pretty and spotty. Most importantly, Patrick kept the mood high with his jokes and drama moments. Definitely will recommend to all those who are seeking for prewedding, so tempted to redo my wedding proposal so Patrick can film for me and the mister!!” – Bing

“Patrick is a very innovative and sincere photographer and videographer. Experienced first hand of his professionalism from the planning stages to the execution of the proposal big day, Patrick remained resourceful and focused on task at hand. In the midst of it, his light hearted-ness and fun-loving character made the whole production joyous and memorable even for helpers.
After event, he did a beautiful consolidation of the proposal’s video montage and once again wow-ed us and brought back the sweet memories.
Thumbs up and highly recommended for his innovative, professional and creative keen eye services.” – Stephanie


“Highly recommended! Engaged Patrick for pre wed casual shoot and actual day shoot. A true professional who not only takes good photos (his work speaks for himself) and is also very experienced and provides valuable advice throughout our entire wedding. Flexible and easy going. Very nice guy who goes beyond being a photographer. We heard only positive comments from families and friends on the photos taken by Patrick.” – Kin Meng


“Absolutely enjoyed the casual photoshoot session with photographer Patrick! What is different about Patrick is that, he don’t just tell us the usual standard poses, which could turn out to be awkward to follow or execute. Instead, he asked us questions, gave us enough and effective directions tackling the psychology instead of the physical to reveal our most nature selves. Every single moment was so fun that we forgot it was a photoshoot! Patrick also went the extra mile to drive us to a beautiful and lesser known venue to capture what we wanted, despite the overtime. Strongly recommended!” – Xue En


“Patrick made the effort to meet us for discussions. In addition, he recced both houses and provided suggestions on furniture arrangements. He is punctual, polite, friendly, professional and a great team player. For example, he kindly set up a spot light for the makeup artist’s use. He is experienced. He made full use of natural light and performed despite limitations. He is versatile. He gave us thoughtful, meaningful, artistic, technical, photo-journalistic, candid, humorous and interesting photographs. He has a goal in mind, was aware of the big picture and was also meticulous about the details. 

We were confident in Patrick and his team, had trust and were exceedingly pleased with the excellent results.” – Yu Ting


“Chance upon Patrick during BOWS Wedding fair held this year January. Patrick was super friendly. And Patrick shared some of their work with my bf & I. We both love the style of his photography shoot (what we are looking for – candid & natural). Patrick was sincere, genuine and unreserved with his sharings, experiences & answering our enquiries (even those non-related to photography – e.g. which hotels will he recommend as he has been in this wedding photography field for so long, wedding flavours etc etc). I love the very approachable/friendly vibe that Pat provides. He is more like a friend than a service provider to me.

Also, we were really fortunate to have met up with Patrick for some discussions and sharing of portfolios & had a casual shoot today (26Feb) with Pat. Bf & I literally went “WOAH SO NICE (ALL)THE PHOTOS”

& we were super blessed & grateful to have found a photographer turned friend through this manner.



“… so satisfied with today’s shoot. Even though it is a short one …” – Gina

Junius Chloe

“Patrick and Esther were the photographers for my big day and I must say that they are nothing but professional and passionate people. They do none of the cheesy, tacky poses. Except for the mandatory table shots,most shots were taken candid(I mean who has time to stop and pose for every shot on their big day!?!?).

When it’s the time to pose(i.e brother and sister group shots), it was done so tastefully. The shots that came out were so classy all of us loved it. Again, no cheesy poses.

The pictures turned out so well. The candid and posed shots were so well edited. Not to mention, Patrick and Esther were so much fun!!!” – Chloe


“A photographer knows who his (far superior) betters are. That’s why I chose Patrick to be my photographer for my ROM  – David