Jake + Jeanette | Vineyard

I remembered the very first time I met with Jake and Jeanette. It was at Starbucks at Central and the discussion was, least to say, a solemn one. They were mentioning that their wedding is like a ‘world tour’ – Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Frankly, I was like.. wow.. (But after awhile, my next few couples were also on their own ‘world tour’, seemed like a ‘trend’ for me then)

Come to their big day, I was actually pleasantly surprised by one of the VIPs of the wedding. In fact, very taken a back and had to take a double, triple take before it sank it. It was one of the more popular HK TV star that almost everyone knew and am quite humbled to be documenting for their family in fact. And also the fact that they were so accommodating and humble too!

One of the things I also like is how hilarious, and I do mean hilarious, the solemnisation was. So much laughter, joy to experience too. Think I was also laughing my head off when they were saying their vows!