Guillaume + Zhaoyuan Engagement Experience | Upper Pierce

A second of a small throwback series.

I knew Zhaoyuan when she was a teacher in training. And since we were living  around the same neighbourhood, we tend to meet up every now and then at the kopitiam nearby. Was pleasantly surprised and happy for her when she found the love of her life and finally tied the knot in France.

Guillaume came across as a great guy, and it was playing around with multi-rotor copter (a.k.a. drone) that we knew each other better. Plus I always remember the auntie at the western food store giving him more than generous servings for his orders!

So the time came, when they decided to reside in France. Meaning, it will be one of the last few times Zhaoyuan will be coming back to Singapore. Hence, we sat down together and planned a ‘uniquely Sg’ casual shoot, so to remember what Singapore was to her. Nothing much fanciful, but all true to what they wanted and know Singapore as it is. Capturing their everyday life, playful, expressive and of course, great food too!

It has been some years since and very happy that they are a family of four now! Wow! Time really flies … and such is our responsibility to immortalise these moments.


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