Jason + Felicia Engagement Experience | Mersing, Malaysia

I hadn’t been to Mersing, Malaysia for years, less the occasional Mersing jetty as a transit to Pulau Tioman. But to travel around Mersing and Air Papan area, the last memory of it was back in the mid to late 1980s. So when Felicia mentioned she wanted to go back to Mersing (Felda beach) for a meaningful session there, I knew I had to make a trip down first to check the place out. After all, it is just approximately 3hrs of motorbike ride up to check the place šŸ™‚

Boy, was I taken aback by the scenery and what had changed or rather hadn’t changed. (Compared it to old photos I had of the place). So I quickly do a short ride around the area, checking out spots for the eventful day where Jason and Felicia will be doing their engagement shoot.

They are such a trooper pair! Oh my! I could not help, as a photographer and an outsider, see so much bond between the two of them. The ultra candid moments, and moments crafted … Still always make me smile when I look back at their photos.

Excited to do their Part 2 – Singapore edition soon!

Makeup by The Leura.

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