Kin Meng + Cheryl | Orchard Hotel

Let’s focus on the outdoor wedding day shoot instead since most of the other part is kinda run off the mill.
I met up with Kin Meng and Cheryl a few days prior to the wedding to finalise the details and schedule of the day, so that nothing gets delayed unnecessarily and I know where I have to be at what time too.
Then came this part of the outdoor shoot. They wanted something special and ‘on the way to the hotel’ so that detouring is minimised. After discussing, and being true to their personalities and me wanting something different for my couple, I decided since it was a Sunday, why not just have a shoot in the middle of the road at Shenton Way! They jumped on to the idea with a resounding YES.
So, on the wedding day itself… they had SO MUCH FUN! tossing flowers into the air, the customary flower toss in the middle of the road, Bee Gees inspired groomsmen shot.. We had lots of fun literally stopping traffic too 🙂

Do check out the slideshow for the full day’s event too 😀

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