Zhan Hong + Yi Ting Proposal | Kawaguchiko, Japan

Zhan Hong approached us almost a year earlier for his intended proposal. Our frequent meetings online and offline circled around how to execute the grand plan in a foreign land whilst keeping the entire ops under a hush hush; especially when our lady do use Zhan Hong’s phone once in a while.

Fast forward, we became the advance party – reaching Tokyo 2 days prior to their arrival. We were running up and down getting everything ready – co-ordinating with the hostel, planting cameras around the reception area and rehearsing the shots and acting; going on to location at Lake Kawaguchiko to get the best angle for the shoot (We prayed hard for Mt Fuji to be visible), where to place another hidden camera, testing out our portable audio systems; and even sourcing for the nicest bouquet of flower for him.

So when Zhan Hong and Yi Ting landed and reached the hostel, we had started to film and photographed them and the next day when we made our way towards Lake Kawaguchiko – One of the most romantic beautiful place a guy could ever ask for his girl’s hand in marriage.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So glad that this was a great success!!! Take a look at the slideshow – from ‘stalking’ to an impromptu photoshoot after the proposal to have a great tick to a bucket list of great photos for proposal.

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